Helping companies make sense of the wealth of online healthcare conversations

What we do

Cello Health Logic are a specialist healthcare social media insight and analytics business.

We offer healthcare industry expertise with digital savvy to enable us to navigate, translate and contextualise this vast stream of information to deliver more meaningful insights from social data.

Our digital healthcare research heritage means we have the ability to not only deliver real insights, but to interpret the implications and guide the critical business decisions to inform future strategies in a digital world.

We deliver ad-hoc or on-going solutions dependant on your specific needs, with a range of applications to inform your business:


• Market exploration / understanding.
• Disease / stakeholder attitudes and behaviours.
• Digital behaviour and engagement.
• Patient journey insights.
• Real-world product / service experiences.


• Real-world language and dialogue.
• Unmet needs identification.
• Adoption drivers and barriers.
• Competitor analysis.
• Influencer identification.
• Audience profiling/ targeting and engagement.


• Innovation and product development.
• Content strategy and engagement.


• Brand / campaign tracking.
• Conference and event tracking.
• Evolving disease / stakeholder trends.


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Our Approach

True healthcare insight needs to go beyond the numbers

We blend premium data sources, technology and human understanding, underpinned by industry expertise, to ensure deeper insights and more actionable recommendations.

Premium data sources - incorporating conversations from validated healthcare communities.

Social analytics technology - utilizing the best technological platforms to capture, interrogate and visualize social data.

Human understanding - expert analysts who take a deeper dive into the data to understand nuance and real-world stories.

Industry expertise - underpinned by healthcare industry expertise to contextualize and make sense of the conversation.

Meet the team

With over 25 years of experience focussed on healthcare, digital, social media and market research, our team are perfectly placed to deliver meaningful social insight.


Managing Director
A highly skilled researcher, Damian’s experience spans both agency and client side in multiple leadership roles, including global head of digital at Cello Health Insight. Passionate about the latest tech developments, Damian was an early advocate for the value of social data in healthcare.

Bobbie Norman

Account Director
A senior researcher with a strong scientific educational background, Bobbie’s experience constitutes working with top global pharma companies, spanning a breadth of therapy areas and utilising a broad range of methodologies as an account manager at Cello Health Insight.

Maisie Weinschenk

Senior Research Executive
As a senior research analyst, Maisie has over five years of pharmaceutical market research experience across a range of methodologies. Maisie is passionate about technology and social media, and its ability to access and advocate for patients and the medical community.

Tom Vu

Research Analyst
With a strong academic background and experience as a researcher in both the academic and market research settings, Tom brings strong analytical skills and a sound knowledge of the ever-changing social environment.

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